Mon, Jan 17

DSGN 3100: Signs

Today's objectives

  • Review assignment
  • Present assignments
  • Investigate signs
  • Concept: connotation vs. denotation


Issues with Saussure and Pierce


Signs as signs





Read "The Rhetoric of the Image" and "The New Citroën" for next class. You can find these on the class reading list on the course's Brightspace page. Ask questions about the readings in Slack, be prepared to answer questions about the readings next class.

About the readings:

  • For "The New Citroën", do some visual research on what the car looks like before starting.
  • For Rhetoric of the Image, make sure you have the ad (linked on the class reading list page) in front of you as you read
  • Barthes is not easy. Make note of words or ideas you don't understand, but read all the way through. Then, read again, looking up words if possible in a good dictionary. The built-in macOS dictionary app is very good.
  • Don't wait until the last minute. Read the articles tonight, and post questions to Slack

Important: Whenever we have readings, we may have a very brief quiz on the basic concepts.