Wed, Apr 20

Intro to 3d with Blender

Today's objectives

  • Quiz today
  • Basics of 3D:
    • Some example 3d programs and applications
    • Common tasks
    • Modelling
    • Textures
    • Lighting
    • Rendering
    • Animation
    • Next steps
  • Physical computing/microcontroller demo
  • Written assignment formatting.
  • Formatting for Usability Assignment

    Needs to be done in InDesign.

    Margins a minimum of 1 inch left and right.

    Use a leading value of twice your body text point size.

    Title page: Title of essay, your name, your student number, instructor's name, course name and number, due date.

    Pages need to be numbered, starting with the first page of your essay (not the title page). Use a header with the title of the essay in it, and your name. Use master pages.

    You must use paragraph styles for all content.

    Cite the name of the web site on a separate page titled "Works Cited."

    Getting your page numbers to start on the first text page (not the cover page) can be tricky. You need to define a section and then remove the extra automatic page number from the cover page. Refer to: Page numbers and sections

    Use the MLA format for the citation of the web site on the "Works Cited". List any other references in the "Works Cited" page. Follow the MLA style exactly; you must also include the URL for any web sites. (URLs are optional in MLA style, but I am requiring you to include them. ZoteroBib is a good resource for generating references.

    Include the usability test with your participant as a "personal interview" in your Works Cited - find out how to format that here.

    Upload both the InDesign file (does not need to be packaged) and a PDF.

    Upload to Brightspace by 6 pm, Tue, Apr 26

    Name your files YOURLASTNAME_Review.pdf and YOURLASTNAME_Review.indd.

    Backup task

    This plan may be what you are using - if it is adequate - or what you plan to do.

    Use phrases like “I am currently…” and “I plan to…” to describe your plan. Be brief - a few sentences is fine. Refer to the class web page on backup for details on how to back up data.


    Post your personal backup plan to the my-backup-plan Slack channel by Tue, Apr 26.

    You may need to use the add/browse channel button in Slack to add yourself

    3D Software

    Unlike 2d software, where the Adobe offerings dominate, the world of 3d software is much more fragmented and specialized. Character animation, product design, visual effects, engineering, and other disciplines all have favoured sets of tools.

    Major 3d workflows involve several major tasks:

    • modelling
    • texturing
    • animation
    • simulation

    There are dozens of major 3d programs, and hundreds of specialized ones, from software for designing dental implants to designing sails.

    Some major ones aimed at 3d design for art , craft and design include:


    A list of blender keyboard shortcuts - essential.


    Intro to 3d


    The historic Utah Teapot

    Lots of good samples here but some are very large. Blender Demo Files.


    A good, multi-part introduction to Blender

    Blender setup

    See the presentation above

    Navigating in Blender

    We'll use the gizmos to navigate.

    navigation gizmonavigation gizmo

    Hint: use the "z" key to switch into wireframe mode.

    Importing models

    There are many models available to download online. Use the Utah Teapot model above to try it out.

    Adding textures
    • Select an object
    • Select "Material properties"
    • Choose "open"
    • Find a bitmap file (png or jpeg is fine). You can use this sample.
    • Click "assign" if you don't see texture.
    • Select "rendered" under viewport shading
    Basic lighting tutorial.

    Try this (large) sample file.

    Coming soon...
    Coming soon...