Wed, Jan 12

DSGN-1000-1: Introduction and basic MacOS

Today's objectives

  • Review course outlines and requirements
  • Confirm that all required software tools are working
  • Operating system concepts and definition
  • Mac OS Tasks:
    • Desktop elements
    • The Finder
    • Start and shut down programs
    • Window elements
    • File management

  • Mac OS help system
  • Cut, copy, paste


Operating Systems Presentation

Analog vs. Digital

In-class resources


Download Basic Computers handout in Acrobat PDF format PDF


Assignment 0:
  1. Create a 1 or 2 paragraph document in Word, Pages or another word processor outlining your previous computer experience. Upload it to Brightspace.You must name the file YOURLASTNAME_Assignment0.docx (for a Word file) or YOURLASTNAME_Assignment0.pages (for a Pages file.) If you do not have access to Pages or Word, you can use an online word processor such as Office 365 or Google Docs and download it as a Word file.
  • Make sure to name the file correctly. Replace "YOURLASTNAME" with whatever your last name is.
Assignment 1:
  1. Create a self-portrait using PhotoBooth on the Mac, or any other camera (such as your phone) that you have access to. Do not use any filters or effects that would make you un-recognizable.

    Upload the file to the Brightspace by 6 pm, Tue, Jan 18

    You must name the file YOURLASTNAME_Assignment1.jpg

  • Make sure to name the file correctly. Replace "YOURLASTNAME" with whatever your last name is.
  • The file must be saved as a JPEG (jpg) file. Don't just try and change the name to .jpg - you need to save the file in the right format.

Additional resources

Uploading to Brightspace

If you are not comfortable with the Mac, or even if you are, Basic Mac OS tutorials are a good place to start.

Switching from Windows? Review and try out these tips for Windows users.

Ask me if you have any problems or questions. Post a public message to Slack, or send me an email.
If you are comfortable with the basics of Mac OS, try some more advanced techniques such as tabs in Finder windows, groups, and keyboard navigation.