Wed, Apr 27

Review, workflow, integration and other topics


  • Physical Computing
  • Vector+Bitmap
  • Web planning
  • Animation
  • Illustrator+Photoshop: Workspaces and Toolsets
  • PDF
  • macOS Skills: tags, stacks and System Preferences

Backup task

This plan may be what you are using - if it is adequate - or what you plan to do.

Use phrases like “I am currently…” and “I plan to…” to describe your plan. Be brief - a few sentences is fine. Refer to the class web page on backup for details on how to back up data.


Post your personal backup plan to the my-backup-plan Slack channel by Tue, Apr 26.

You may need to use the add/browse channel button in Slack to add yourself

Generating Assets for Web Projects.

Automating with Actions

Understanding Colour Management

Lightroom vs. Photoshop

HTML Frameworks

The Bootstrap framework is a good starting point for building more complex web sites.

Domain Registration is a reasonably priced, easy-to-use registry.

Web hosting

There are tens of thousands of options.

  • Websavers is a local company - cheap and good. I recommend them.

Want to skip the whole "do-it-yourself thing" but still want a web site you can change the appearance of? Try:

Animation with AfterEffects

AfterEffects is a bit like Photoshop for video. It's a huge and powerful program, and will take some time to understand. A few basic concepts:


Isometric Drawing in Illustrator

An isometric drawing tutorial. But watch out for an error - you need to scale by 86.602%, not 86.062%

Copy and Rotate

Using copy and rotate to create a snowflake in Illustrator. A really useful technique - even if you're never going to create a snowflake.

Photoshop Vector Mask (clipping path)

This image, with sharp edges and smooth curves, is a good practice image for creating a vector mask in Photoshop. Right-click it (control-click on some Macs) to download it and open in Photoshop. In the "paths" panel, create a new path, draw a closed path around the airplane with the pen tool, and then turn it into a vector mask, under Layer->Vector Mask-> Current path.

In-Class Assignment: Winter 2022

Create a small poster to be displayed in public places to encourage people to spend time outside. You must use all the text in the provided file, (--text-for-in-class-assignment--.txt). Create a design for the poster using the provided text, and some of the provided images.

You must use all the text in the provided file, --text-for-in-class-assignment--.docx You can also add any text if you like. The final image must be created in Illustrator or InDesign, but you can use Photoshop for altering bitmap images if you choose.

The poster must be 8.5 inches tall by 11 inches wide and can fill the entire page, without margins. Make sure you get the orientation right.

Make the poster attractive and readable.

It is only 1-sided.

You may not use any other files other than the ones provided in the zipped folder, but you may create images of your own, in any of the three programs. You do not need to use all the images.

The poster would be printed in colour, so you can use colour in the design.

Your objective is to design a poster that is readable and attractive, and that motivates people to get outside for recreation. Range of technique, attention to detail and technical skill are more important than design or concept, but creativity and visual appeal will be rewarded. You are expected to show ability in basic bitmap editing, vector graphics, and page layout.

Instructions on how to submit the file will be provided at the end of the time period.

Save your work often.

You will have 90 minutes to complete this. Manage your time carefully. Spend some time at the beginning to plan; reserve time at the end to check your work.

Download assignment files