Mon, Apr 04

DSGN 4101: Interpretive media concept review

Today's objectives

  • Work in progress review
  • Quiz prep
  • Concept development
    • Evaluation
    • Suitability for site and visitor
    • Expression of theme
    • Practicality
  • Readings from last class
    • Can interpretive graphics influence visitor behavior in an exhibit space?
    • The 20 Most Influential Exhibit Designs this Century
    • Outdoor Interpretive Panels
  • Additional topics
    • Schedule creation
    • Budget creation





Design intent document example.
Final quiz prep

Final quiz prep

Concept development for media

Concept development for media

Quiz coverage

Expect to be able to explain (in your own words) and apply concepts and techniques we have used in this class. Review class presentations and key readings.

Note: business and professional topics we covered as separate from interpretation will not be included in the quiz.

  • Concepts: Culture, heritage, interpretation
  • Tilden's "Principles of Interpretation"
  • Themes, topics, stories. TORE model
  • Interpretive planning
  • Visitors: Types and models, including Falk, EQ
  • Visitor experience concepts and stages
  • Universal design and consultation
  • Design phases/workflow

Attached is NSCAD’s policy on Academic Integrity - please make sure you have reviewed it. The quiz will be written under the normal conditions for any quiz - no assistance from any other student or use of outside materials is permitted. While the circumstances of this term are unusual, all standard principals of academic integrity apply. Violations may be penalized by measures including failure of a course, or expulsion from the university. If you have any questions about this, it is vital you contact me to resolve them immediately.

Where questions ask, for example, to define or describe concepts in your own words, you must not simply memorize and restate the work of others. Any incited text that is the work of others will be considered plagiarism and will result in the penalties noted in the NSCAD Academic Integrity policy, which provides for penalties up to and including expulsion from NSCAD. NSCAD Academic integrity policy

Before the quiz on we will have a short Zoom meeting to discuss the format, rules, etc. Please be logged in on time as will start the quiz soon after.

Make sure, as much as possible, that you are prepared for the online quiz - quit other programs on your computer, let anyone else sharing your internet connection that they should avoid anything that uses a lot of bandwidth (streaming video, etc) while you are online, and make sure your browser is functioning well before the quiz.

Robert Currie
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