Mon, Mar 14

DSGN 4101: VE and site planning

Today's objectives

  • Progress to date check-in
  • Schedule
  • Outline upcoming work
    • Visitor experience
    • Theme
    • Concept
    • Examples
  • Project workflow examples
  • Project phases, timelines, budgets
  • Professional development
  • Planning for-on-one meetings




Upcoming assignments

Upcoming assignments

Project life cycle

project Life Cycle


Professional resources


Assignment 6: Halifax site review

In a 1-3 page document, give your overall impressions on the state of interpretation in the area covered in the site visit. Provide examples of what is good, what is not so good, and what you think is missing. Consider themes, topics and media as part of your review. Use images taken on the site visit to support your evaluation.

New date: Due: 6PM, Wednesday March 24. Upload in PDF format to Brightspace.

Name the file: YOURLASTNAME_DSGN4101_Assign6.PDF

Late assignment penalties

For this assignment, late submissions will be penalized at 10% of the total mark (that is, if an assignment is graded out of 10, you will lose 1 point per day, starting on the due date.)

A 1-hour grace period after the assignment due time will be given to avoid any technical issues related to internet speed resulting in late assignment penalties.

The best approach, however, is to submit work early.

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