Mon, Jan 31

DSGN 4101: Narrative

Today's objectives

  • Review assignment 2
  • Narrative
  • Telling stories
    • What do we mean by story
    • What stories do we tell?
    • Who gets to decide?
    • How many stories are there?
    • How do the stories we tell evolve and change?
  • Theme discussion
  • Multisensory design discussion
  • From theme to story
  • Business time: followup (25 min)




Enola Gay

The Enola Gay Controversy



💰 Business stuff: Portfolios


Reading list



Assignment 4: Telling difficult stories
Discussion assignment

This assignment will take the form of an online discussion. We will begin the discussion in class, and continue it online.

I will post three topic questions over the next week. For each, I'd like you to create one post, and respond to at least one other student's post. When you respond, don't just agree (or disagree) - create connections to ideas we have been exploring in class. Use the readings and other research as support material.

Points will be awarded for insight and clarity. Be civil, but don't be afraid to disagree.

Use the "Reply in thread 💬" button for your replies, to keep them organzied.

Due: 6PM, Friday Feb. 19. Make your initial post by Tuesday, Feb 16 at 6:00 PM. Post to Slack - a channel will be created for each discussion question.

Post discussions early, not at the last minute.

Late assignment penalties

For this assignment, late submissions will be penalized at 10% of the total mark (that is, if an assignment is graded out of 10, you will lose 1 point per day, starting on the due date.)

A 1-hour grace period after the assignment due time will be given to avoid any technical issues related to internet speed resulting in late assignment penalties.

The best approach, however, is to submit work early.

Robert Currie
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