Oct 10: Vector drawing continues

Assignment 6:

Imagine that NSCAD is the primary sponsor of a boat in an around-the-world race. Your job is to come up with graphics for the boat to reflect NSCAD's sponsorship of it. The role of the sponsorship is to promote NSCAD. Examine how other sponsors use graphics to promote themselves before you begin.

A basic outline of the boat is provided. You will submit a side and top view, using the provided file as guide. Your design must:

  • Research how other boats have been designed.
  • Emphasize the NSCAD colours. You can use any colour you want, but the colours of the NCSAD logo must be present. You can refer to the NSCAD identity guide.
  • The IMOCA Open 60 logo must be present at the top of the sail. You will need to re-create it. Use this one: IMOCA Open 60 logo for reference. The version that you create should look exactly like this.
  • Only vector images may be present.
  • You will want to use the NSCAD logo. You can access a version of the NSCAD logo online. There are multiple versions in this file. Use this version; don't create your own.
  • Include lots of detail. Think about how the design would look from close up and from far away. Some elements may be very small in your file - that's OK.
  • The outline, size and shape of the boat cannot be changed. Graphics can go on the mast, hull, boom, mainsail or other parts. The lines you see at the front of the boat (from the mast to the hull and bowsprit) are not sails and no graphics can go there. Check out images for reference.
  • The number 5163 must appear on the hull in large numbers.
  • Optional: Draw a rear view of the boat and create graphics for the stern. Use photos for a reference.

Make sure to save your file for review, if needed.

Upload your digital file. Filename: YOURLASTNAME_Assignment6.ai

Submit: digital file in .AI format, uploaded to upload page by 6pm, Oct 16 .

A real-world version of our assignment:
Article: Camper Open 70 Design

Sample files

Illustrator samples


Technical illustration: geared toward commercial illustration. Another good page

Incredibly detailed, photo-realistic commercial illustration.


  • Understand differences between bitmap and vector
  • Learn basic tools
  • Shape drawing
  • Line drawing
  • Select and direct select
  • Fill and stroke attributes
  • Type tools
  • Type
  • Type on a path
  • Area type
    • Convert to outlines function


    Illustrator Clipping Path Tutorial

    How to create a basic clipping path in Illustrator.

    Pen Tool Tutorial

    Another pen tool tutorial. Practice, practice, practice.

    Photoshop Vector Mask (clipping path)

    This image, with sharp edges and smooth curves, is a good practice image for creating a vector mask in Photoshop. Right-click it (control-click on some Macs) to download it and open in Photoshop. In the "paths" panel, create a new path, draw a closed path around the airplane with the pen tool, and then turn it into a vector mask, under Layer->Vector Mask-> Current path.

    Isometric Drawing in Illustrator

    An isometric drawing tutorial. But watch out for an error - you need to scale by 86.602%, not 86.062%

    Copy and Rotate

    Using copy and rotate to create a snowflake in Illustrator. A really useful technique - even if you're never going to create a snowflake.