Oct 3: Vector Drawing

Assignment 4:

Recreate this image as a vector-based image created in Illustrator.

Ensure that that you meet the objective of demonstrating skill in Illustrator. Remember to turn off (or delete) the original tracing layer before submitting.

Pentax K 1000

Submit: digital file in .AI format, uploaded to upload page by 6pm, Oct 9.

Make sure to upload to the correct folder and ensure that the filename is

Alternate image: You can use this image instead: Pentax K1000

Sample files

Illustrator samples


A rare blend of good design and clear tutorials.


Download "File formats" handout in Acrobat PDF format

Creating a template layer in Illustrator

Steps for creating a template layer in Illustrator for manual tracing:

  1. Create a new Illustrator file (File ->Open)
  2. Choose the “Place Command” (File->Place)
  3. If you can't see the "☑︎ template" option at the bottom of the screen, click the "options" button.
  4. Select the image file you want to place by clicking on it once but...
  5. ...before you do anything else, click the “template” option
  6. Click the “place” button.
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