Sep 12: Imaging Basics

Due today: Remember to bring your flash drive

Assignment 2:

Start with a photograph. (Not a picture from a book or other commercially printed source.) The photograph needs be be your own work. You can scan it, or create an image with digital camera. Then, create a new version of the original. Make sure to save your original file and your altered file.

Remember: Images you use in this class need to be your own creation. Any exceptions to this will be noted in the assignment details I post for each assignment.

The unaltered image needs to be an image you created. You many not use any other images. Upload the two files to the class web site by 6 pm, Sep 18.

The version should be based on one of the following themes:

  1. More and less: Divide the photo into two equal sections. On one side, make more of what is in the photo. Fill it up. On the other side, make less. Empty it out. Make the dividing line sharp and obvious.
  2. Weather: Change the weather. Show the effect on the sky, the ground, people, everything.
  3. Time: Turn night into day, or day into night. Don't just make the images brighter or darker, think about how everything changes: how busy it is, what people are doing, differences in lighting, etc.

Read all instructions carefully.
Failing to follow assigned instructions may result in lost points.

Technical requirements:

You must demonstrate use of most of the following tools as a minimum:

  • Clone stamp
  • Dodge and burn
  • Paintbrush
  • Selection tools, including marquee and quick select tools

General requirements:

  • You may not use filters for this assignment.
  • Don't be afraid to change the image radically from the original.
  • Don't include parts of other images; that will be the next assignment.
  • For this assignment, use a resolution 240 pixels/inch. Both your original and altered image should be set to 240 ppi. Your image should be set up to fit on a 8.5 x 11 inch page.
Submit: submit digital file of changed versions and unaltered original, uploaded to upload page by 6pm, Sep 18.

Format: Save as Photoshop file. Filename: YOURLASTNAME_Assignment2a.psd for your original and YOURLASTNAME_Assignment2b.psd for your altered version.

Marking guidance

This is meant to be a general guide. Your mark will be governed by the overall quality of the assignment.

Resolution low: -2 points.

Resolution much too low: -4 points.

Missing information/wrong file name: -1 point per item

Range of tools: 0-4 points

Quality of work: 0-4 points

Technical correctness: 0-2 points


Download sample images for in-class use.

Download a large image to see how to deal with it.


Download Storage Units handout in Acrobat PDF format

Download Resolution handout in Acrobat PDF format


  • Storage units
  • Using flash drives
  • Practice saving files
  • Folder and file organization
  • Backing up files
  • Additional System X tasks:
    • System preferences
    • Contextual menus (right-click)
  • Resolution and bit depth
  • Basic Photoshop tools

Video: Using the Clone Stamp Tool

NSCAD Foundation Computer: Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool from Robert Currie on Vimeo.

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