In-Class Assignment

Create a poster advertising a design competition for a new combined NSCAD/Art Gallery of Nova Scotia building on the Halifax Waterfront.

You must use all the text in the provided file, NSCADAGNS.txt The final image must be created in Illustrator or InDesign, but you can use Photoshop for altering bitmap images if you like. You do not have to use NSCAD colours.

The poster must be 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall.

Make the poster attractive and readable.

It is only 1-sided.

You may not use any other files other than the ones provided in the zipped folder, but you may create images of your own, in any of the three programs. You do not need to use all the images, but you must use the NSCAD and AGNS logos.

The poster would be printed in colour, so you can use colour in the design.

Your objective is to design a poster that is readable and attractive, and that looks like a poster architects might be interested in. Range of technique, attention to detail and technical skill are more important than design or concept, but creativity and visual appeal will be rewarded.

Download assignment files

Will be handed in at 10:30 - instructions for submittal will be given then.

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