Nov 14: InDesign

Quiz this class ( Nov 14 )

Topics include

  • Vector Drawing (illustrator)
  • HTML and CSS
  • InDesign Basics

Web site completion and upload

Fix any problems with your CSS and HTML and the upload it to your web server. The username, password and other information you will need is in an email you will have received previously.

You will need an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to do this. On most NSCAD lab Mac computers, we use Fetch. You can download a free copy for education use after you fill in the form here.

In the Academy Labs we use Cyberduck, which is similar. It is also free.

If you use Windows, we suggest FileZilla, which you can download for free, here.

Make sure you:

  • Upload all HTML, CSS and image files.
  • Your home page must be called index.html
  • Don't upload any folder your web site is in - just the contents of folder.
  • Test your site by clicking the link in your email. If you see a message about a placeholder page and not the web page you expect, check the above steps for errors.


  • InDesign tools
  • Importing text
  • Placing images
  • Text wrap
  • Creating PDFs


Using InDesign, create a 1-page guide explaining how to accomplish a task of your choice. Make sure the task you descibe has at least 5 steps. Create illustrations such as diagrams or photographs to illustrate the process. The task should be a real-world task, not a computer-based one.

The images can be digital photographs, vector art, or scans of hand-drawn imaged, but you must create them yourself. Submit a printout.

Points to keep in mind:

  • The end product is for print, not on-screen use. The usual range of body type size is 10-12 points.
  • Make sure the images are all your own work.
  • Pay attention to the order of steps and the hierarchy of information. Consider an orderly series of headings, subheadings, captions, etc.
  • Put your name on the front of the printout.
  • Remember that InDesign CC2015 files cannot be opened in CS2014 and older versions. If you need to work in older versions, save your files as "CS4 or later" (.idml) files.

Due in class, as printout or upload PDF as Yourlastname_Assignment8.pdf, Nov 21

InDesign: Styles and Master Pages

  • Creating paragraph styles
  • Managing style overrides
  • Master page concepts
  • Page numbers

Written Assignment

Write a usability review of a web site.

The web site should be one that offers more than just content. E-commerce sites, social networking sites, etc are ideal. Fill in your topic in this form before starting; I must approve each topic. Sign up for a topic here.

  • Make sure to review the main functions of the site from the perspective of a user.
  • Think about what happens when things go wrong.
  • What's good?
  • What can be improved?
  • Find someone to act as a test subject and observe them. Give them a specific task.
  • Minimum length: 500 words.

Assignment resources

Upload a draft (text only, no formatting required) to the class web site by 6 pm , Nov 20.

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