Sep 5: Introduction

Assignment 1:

  1. Create a 1 or 2 paragraph document in Word, or TextEdit outlining your previous computer experience. Save your work on a flash disk. Print it out and pass it in, or upload it to the class web site.You must name the file YOURLASTNAME_Assignment0.docx (for a Word file) or YOURLASTNAME_Assignment0.rtf (for a TextEdit file.
  2. Create a self-portrait using PhotoBooth on the Mac. Do not use any filters or effects that would make you un-recognizable.

    Upload the file to the class web site by 6 pm, Sep 11.

    You must name the file YOURLASTNAME_Assignment1.jpg

    Before you upload, check that your file is named properly, and that your are uploading to the correct folder for your section of the class.

Due Sep 12.

Student information

Please fill in the student information form.


  • Learn lab rules and procedures
  • Review course outlines and requirements
  • Be able to start and shut down computers
  • Operating system concepts and definition
  • Mac OS Tasks:
    • Desktop elements
    • The Finder
    • Start and shut down programs
    • Window elements
  • Mac OS help system
  • Microsoft Word basics
  • Printing


Operating Systems Handout

Operating Systems Handout

Download Basic Computers handout in Acrobat PDF format


If you are not comforatble with the Mac, or even if you are, Basic Mac OS tutorials are a good place to start.

Switching from Windows? Review and try out these tips for Windows users.