Basic HTML Tags

html tag (basic structure)
Headings (h1-h6)
Links or anchors (a)
Images (img)

Basic CSS

CSS Basics
CSS Structure
CSS Reference

A complete (and very long) reference guide to all CSS properties.

HTML Document Structure

Document structure

CSS Layout

The CSS Box Model
CSS Positioning
CSS Positioning 2

Web Typography

Basic type controls
Using web fonts

Grids and flexbox

Modern CSS layout techniques.


Flexbox is for 1-dimensional layout - essentially, a single row or column.

CSS Grids

CSS Grid Layout is for 2-dimensional layout - essentially, a grid of rows and columns.

Advanced CSS selectors

CSS Selectors
CSS layout cookbook

Responsive sites

Intro to responsive web design
Responsive design concepts
Meta: viewport


W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1
Accessibility checklist
Learn accessibility
Accessibility for developers


JavaScript introduction
JavaScript for developers
Intro to jQuery
jQuery basics