Welcome to DSGN 1000-1

Welcome to DSGN 1000, Digital tools for Designing. This web site is the main location for class content, assignments and other information. If you wish to contact me, please send me a Slack direct message, or email. I can be reached at: or rcurrie@me.com or rcurrie@nscad.ca

-Robert Currie.


Communication is critical. Make sure to:

  • Check the class Slack workspace frequently
  • Check your NSCAD email often
  • If you miss class, need to get caught up, or have to review material, visit this web site first, then get in contact with me.

Course outlines

Download the official description PDF for this class in Adobe PDF format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer to view these files.


Your mark in this class is based on grades in several categories. Category weights are below:

Assignments: 60%
Quizzes: 10%
Written assignment: 10%
In-class practical assignment: 10%
Class Participation: 10%

Computer requirements

The only thing you will need for this class is a USB flash drive to store files. You can use a drive you already own and use for other school or personal files. I will not be collecting these USB drives so you will always have access to the files.

You do not need to have a computer for this class, but you may choose to use your own. This can be a Mac or a Windows PC, but please note that for higher level classes (at the 2000 level and above) in design, a reasonably powerful Mac laptop is strongly encouraged. See the HSELS policy attched to this outline.

If you are using the lab computers, make sure to check opening hours for labs; note that not all software is installed on all computers.

If you use your own computer, you will need to pay for and install the education version of the Adobe CC suite for the duration of the class. Detail on how to do this will be sent as part of the class introduction process.

You will need a reliable internet connection. If your internet connection is restricted in any way (such as some websites being blocked) it may be difficult or impossible for you to access some course materials.

There will be some additional free software you will need to install on your computer (details will be provided later)so you will need the ability in install programs on the computer you are using.

You can find the minimum requirements for Macs and PCs here: https://helpx.adobe.com/ca/illustrator/system-requirements.html

If you have a computer already and it meets the minimum requirements, you can use that existing computer for this class.

Design Students’ Personal Hardware, Software, English Language Settings (HSELS) Requirements:

If you are considering buying a new computer you may want to review this policy, attached to the course outline, which sets out the requirements for a computer for design courses at the 2000 level and above. It does not apply to this 1000 level class.

Handout and Outlines

Download Basic Computers handout in Acrobat PDF format PDF


Free access to Lynda.com video tutorials

If you have a Halifax Public Library login (not NSCAD University) you can access a large library of high-quality video tutorials for free. To do this you will need to apply online - it only takes a few minutes and your library login will be sent to you by email. You will need a Nova Scotia address to get a library card.

  • Start by going to the library card application page and fill out this form.
  • Your online library card number and library card pin number, will be emailed to you.
  • Once you have your library card number and library card pin number, go to https://www.lynda.com/portal/sip?org=halifax.ca to log in to Lynda.com.
  • You can now access tutorials on Illustrator, Photoshop, and more.